A note from our founders

Hi! We’re Zala and Tash and we live in the land of pumpkin seed oil.

Zala grew up drizzling pumpkin seed oil on most of her foods or eating at her grannys' houses down the road who also loved a healthy dose of the stuff. Tash, a California native, had never heard of it before but very quickly fell in love with it. She would bring bottles home to show her friends and family. The love of pumpkin seed oil caught like wildfire and we knew we had to keep sharing this incredible ingredient.

We wanted to create a product that highlighted the beauty of the region, the infectious joy of the farmers and producers, the limitless imagination of local artisans, and most of all the inspiring lives of our own grannys.

Babica is an ode to the women who have shaped our lives, inspired our passions, and always keep our tummies full and our hearts happy.

From our Babica to yours,
Zala + Tash